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Service Advantage
Regular return visit
Regular maintenance,
regular maintenance
Pre sale, sale, mid sale,
whole process service
Patiently listen to customer needs
Concerned about the user
Regardless of wind and rain,
Just dial the service hotline
Will arrive on time
Corporate standards - respect for individual service users advocate hard work to encourage beyond
It highlights the human core, the market oriented management philosophy, emphasizing the importance of harmonious interpersonal relationship for the cultivation of team spirit, to mobilize the spirit of innovation and dedication. The establishment and implementation of enterprise standards, laid the foundation for the construction of enterprise culture in unison
Leading decision concept -- "three responsible"
Responsible for maintaining and increasing the value of investors' assets; responsible for the interests of the employees; responsible for the society.
Enterprise spirit: seeking truth, innovation, striving for the first class
It is the spiritual pillar of enterprise culture to focus on the activation of every cell in the enterprise, and then to maintain the vitality and vigor of the enterprise.
Enterprise purpose: creating the market
For the customer provides the power supply at the same time, always pay attention to human living environment requirements, in pushing the sales of enterprise products at the same time, the extended enterprise reputation.
The concept of enterprise competition, cooperation in the competition, improve in cooperation
Peer is not a friend, we are in good faith with the joint venture and domestic enterprises in the same industry, closely related to each other to learn from each other and jointly improve the.
Employment, distribution concept - post by competition, distribution by contribution
The standard is: "would like to do, will do, do well"
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