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Our company successfully developed elastic packing automatic production equipment [2021-1-23]
Our company successfully developed elastic packing automatic production equipment
Why is pipe aerator available? [2021-1-23]
Speeding up the development of energy saving and environmental protection industries will not only help to crack down on resources, environmental constraints and unleash the potential for consumption
What is the principle of a tubular aerator? [2021-1-23]
he pipe type aerator is a kind of aeration equipment, fixed on the bottom of the aeration, air pressure by the gas distribution branch pipe through the air supply pipe into the air duct in the air guide groove, and an annular gas chamber formed between the support tube membrane aeration, the aeration membrane tube muster
What is the working condition of the micro aerator? [2021-1-23]
One is a coarse ceramic or corundum sintered ordinary aeration pipe, the pipe wall has many tiny pores in the sintering process
Preparation of microporous aerator before installation [2021-1-23]
microporous aerator: according to the length of the mouth of the mouth to estimate the number of microporous tube, according to the width of the mouth to calculate the length of the microporous pipe
What is the difference between blow aeration and mechanical aeration in tubular aerator? [2021-1-23]
The pipe type aerator, aeration and aeration are two different aeration modes, application in the industry is quite wide, two plays a very important role in the sewage treatment industry
What is the difference between a microporous aeration tube and a microporous aeration disk? [2021-1-23]
In contrast, there are microporous aerator and microporous aeration tray, all of which are used for the treatment of sewage. The two of them exist in the same place and there are some differences between the two
Notes on storage of tubular aerator [2021-1-23]
The aerator in the original package and all the accessories shall be stored in a dry and ventilated room as specified in DIN 7716 or ISO 2230.
Honeycomb inclined pipe filling sewage treatment effect is good [2021-1-23]
Inclined tube filling process and operation [2021-1-23]
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